Lars Penke


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Research interests

  • Evolutionary significance of individual differences, esp. in general intelligence and personality traits
  • Social endocrinology
  • Links of somatometric measures of the body and face with psychological traits
  • Evolutionary psychology of mate choice, romantic relationships and sexuality, esp. using speed dating as a research design
  • Neurostructural indicators of intelligence and cognitive ageing, esp. associations with white matter integrity
  • Behaviour genetics
  • Life history theory
  • Online research


Current research projects

  • Online diary studies of female sexuality
  • Testosterone and intraindividual personality variability
  • Predictive validity of romantic partner ideals
  • Is general intelligence (g) an evolved fitness indicator?
  • Hormonal effects on social perception
  • Paternal age and fitness
  • Associations of 3D face and body measures with psychological differences
  • Berlin Speed Dating Study (BSDS)
  • Online research (PSYTESTS)